How to Prepare Your Yard For New Fences

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Installing new fences comes with some prep work ahead of time. Before you can have the new fences you’re after, you’ll have to make sure you’ve taken care of some things, such as alerting the necessary people ahead of time. Some neighborhoods have HOA guidelines and regulations that need to be followed that could affect your fencing project, so it’s a good idea to check those out ahead of time. Because your fences will be close to your neighbor’s property, it’s also a good idea to tell them ahead of time, so they are prepared for people working around their property.

How to Prepare Your Yard For New Fences

The landscape itself also needs to be prepped. Large obstacles need to be removed, and stray things like doghouses, yard toys, and anything else that might get in the way should be removed prior to your fences being installed. This allows workers to install your fencing without having to work around multiple obstacles.

Another important step to installing new fences is making sure the area to be fenced is clearly marked. Establishing a clear perimeter with stakes or other markers will help you figure out how much fencing material you’ll need to purchase for your workers to install. It’ll also make sure you’re aware of where your property boundaries lie.

We here at Pick-It Fencing know all of the ins and outs of preparing your yard for new fences. If you’re planning a new fencing project but don’t know how to make sure your yard is ready for it, reach out to us today.